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SIRONIX Orthobiologics: Revolutionizing Joint Care with Hyaluronic Acid

At SIRONIX, we're dedicated to enhancing the field of sports medicine with our cutting-edge orthobiologic solutions. Our Hyaluronic Acid (HA) products are designed to support natural healing processes, offering a non-surgical path to improved joint health and mobility. Discover our HA product range, designed for precision and efficacy in treating osteoarthritis and tendinopathies.

HA One, HA Mini, & HA Tendon: Our Trio for Joint Recovery

  • HA One: The pinnacle of joint support, delivering the highest concentration of HA in a single injection (120 mg in 4.8 ml). Tailored for significant joint pain relief and mobility improvement.
  • HA Mini: Specially formulated for small joints, offering targeted relief with optimal concentration (16 mg/ml). Ideal for metatarsophalangeal, carpometacarpal, temporomandibular, and interphalangeal joints.
  • HA Tendon: A unique formulation (32 mg in 2 ml) designed to soothe tendon diseases, providing pain relief and enhanced mobility in conditions like tennis elbow and rotator cuff tendinopathy.

Features & Benefits:

  • Optimal Molecular Weight: Our HA formulations feature polymer chains with the ideal length for effective interaction with CD44 receptors, ensuring anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and chondroprotective effects.
  • Visco supplementation Therapy: A therapeutic approach that alleviates pain, improves joint function, and promotes tissue healing, enhancing the quality of life without the need for surgery.
  • Bacterial Fermentation Origin: Ensures uniform HA molecules, enhancing the effectiveness and consistency of our treatments.
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